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interior design


Interior design and home remodeling are 2 of my greatest life passions. I have many years experience and many happy clients.


If you require my services I charge a $50 consultation fee. After consultation I will put together a proposal where we can discuss all options and pricing.

I also own the blog where I have blogged about our own complete home remodel, design tips, decorating inspiration, and anything I find to be beautiful. I do offer sponsored posts as well as product reviews for select companies.


*I specialize in one of a kind bridal and wedding bouquets. I live and work in Utah, but I ship all over the united states.*

wedding  It’s important for me to get all the information about your needs including how many tables you have, your bridal party, what you need for your ceremony, the location of your wedding venue, and your floral budget. This will give a mutual understanding about general pricing and expectations.

 I like to have my clients start putting together a collection of images that inspire them. Pinterest is an awesome resource for this hunting and gathering process. The Pinterest album can have all kinds of images that will convey your overall style and desired look. I encourage putting images of invitations, dresses, jewelry, shoes, and of course flowers that appeal to your tastes. This gives me a solid understanding of what you are looking for on your big day. From there we will go over your options for the table scape’s, centerpieces, ceremony, etc. I’ll be able to suggest blooms that fit your style and that will be in season on your wedding day. 

helpful info

It’s very helpful to know how many tables there will be, including if they will be round or long. It’s hard to put together a detailed proposal if you haven’t yet decided on round, verses long tables. Decorating long tables is more expensive than round tables because they tend to need more elements to trickle down. It’s helpful to have a good source of images to show me, whether it be a Pinterest album, tear sheets, or images that have been sent to me via email. Pictures do say a thousand words, but it’s also good to be able to describe what you like.

It’s also good to make a list of what you need. So many brides overlook all the add ons! Do you need a card table arrangement/prop set up? What about an entry way piece, a guest book table, the bar, cocktail tables, aisle decor, hair flowers, bathroom arrangements, or your cake decorated? These are all important pieces of the puzzle that can creep up right when you thought the decor was under control!

Also, it’s really good to have an idea of your timeline. Do you need a few different drop offs? Some brides want their bouquets delivered to their venue early for photos. This is important for scheduling on my end. Is your party not happening until 4pm? Also very important for me to know so I can plan the wedding breakdown, deconstruction, packing, and cleaning up party.

*I only book 3 weddings a month, so if you require my services, please contact me for scheduling*

Flowers are created by mother nature

She doesn’t always make your favorite peonies the same time of year as your wedding date. Remain open minded to flowers that can act like that big fluffy peony that is not in season. We’ll come up with alternatives! Flower colors are also made by mother nature. Let’s not dye those precious beauties. Remember, blues and purples can often be seen as one or the other at the exact same time! Flexibility is key with flowers because it allows me to shop the market for what looks amazing around the time of your wedding. When you stick to your guns about a lot of specific flowers, you end up limiting yourself to alternatives that show up at the market without warning that may be perfect for your ensemble. This doesn’t mean your flowers should be a mystery, it just means it’s good to show that you have flexibility with some ingredients.

Silk Florals are a great option as well, but your choice in flowers and colors are limited.

Silk Florals are a great option as well, but your choice in flowers and colors are limited.

Painting or Furniture Refinishing


My multi-talented husband is a professional painter with over 15 years of experience, I have been able to train with him for the last 11 years.

  • He specializes in residential painting, new construction and remodels
  • Interiors and Exteriors 

A few of the homes he has painted were featured in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes 


We predominantly work in Utah, but will travel for certain jobs 

-Price completely depends on the job, so please contact me for a free estimate

Furniture Refinish – need to add new life to something old, or you just want to change the color? please contact me for a free estimate